live simply workshops

living wild
The Art & History of Fire-Building    $50 USD
Emergency Shelter Building               $120 USD
Self Defense                                             $50 USD
River & Cave Fishing                              $50 USD
Wild Foods                                               $50 USD
Survival Walkabout*  (per day)          $100 USD
(*requires skills tests)
Flint Knapping (stone tools)               $50 USD
Natural Leather Tanning                    $120 USD

Banana Bio-char Method                     $50 USD
Sustainable Aquaculture                       $50 USD
Aquaponics                                              $35 USD
Tropical Cooking                                    $25 USD
Coconut Milk & Oil                                $50  USD
Cheese Making                                        $30 USD
Homemade Beer, Wine, & Mead         $30 USD
Coffee Processing                                    $60 USD
Handmade Cacao (Chocolate)             $65 USD
Home Canning                                         $35 USD
Fermented Foods                                    $30 USD
Smoked Meats                                          $50 USD
Salt Cured Meats                                      $50 USD

Basics of Rainforest Medicines      $50-150 USD
First Medicine: Activated Charcoal     $25 USD
Natural Soap Making                              $40 USD
Essential Oils                                            $75 USD      
Colloidal Silver & Natural Antibiotics $50 USD
Herbal Salves                                           $40 USD
Tonics & Tinctures                                  $15 USD
Natural Childbirth & Midwifery   $25-100 USD
Homemade Household Cleaners    $25-75 USD
Herbal Bug Repellant                             $20 USD
Herbal Baths & Poultices                       $25 USD
Cleansing & Detox Fast                       $50-120 USD
Massage & Touch Therapy                     $40 USD
 learn. live. grow. give.
Indigenous Materials                                   $50 USD
Palm Thatching                                            $120 USD                                          
Bamboo                                                           $75 USD
Rab & Daub                                                    $80 USD
Natural Cement                                             $75 USD
Earthen Floors                                               $75 USD

Jippi Jappa Basketry                                   $40 USD
Tie-Tie Baskets                                              $40 USD
Traditional  Embroidery                              $25 USD
Cohune Palm Inlay                                        $50 USD
Foot Treadle Sewing                                     $30 USD
Basic Crocheting                                            $20 USD
Basic Weaving                                                $40 USD
Hammock Making (incl. materials)           $75 USD
Slate Carving                                            $40-80 USD
Wood Carving                                       $40-200 USD
Song Writing                                                  $20 USD

Cultures of Belize                                           $25 USD
Natural Vocal Training                                 $25 USD
Tribal Voice (Traditional Aramaic)            $25 USD
African Drumming *MIN 4 people          $100 USD
Drum Making *MIN 4 people                   $100 USD
Garifuna Dance*MIN 4 people                 $100 USD
Garifuna Drumming & Song*MIN 4       $100 USD

Renewable Electricity                                 $50 USD
Grace-Based Parenting                                $25 USD
Conscious Marriage                                      $25 USD
Natural Childbirth                                        $25 USD
Sacred Geometry of YHWH                        $25 USD
Water Crystals                                               $25 USD

If you want to learn about living an off-grid lifestyle but don’t know where to begin, let us help! We give discounts for multiple workshops and for groups, and are happy to create a custom program for you. Just tell us what you are interested in! We also encourage you to explore our 3 and 7 day Indigenous Seed programs as well! Some workshops can also be taken as in depth courses (higher price).

We build custom Programs!